A Family’s Tragedy, Now A Mission of Hope and Inspiration

In February 2004, ten-year old, Sean Anderson went rollerblading in his neighborhood. Minutes later, he fell victim to sudden cardiac arrest. Although CPR was started immediately, defibrillation wasn’t available for nearly ten minutes. Sean’s heart never regained rhythm.

Today, Sean’s parents, Martha and Andy are on a mission to educate and bring awareness of SCA – Sudden Cardiac Arrest – the leading cause of death in the US. SCA claims more than 300,000 lives each year. Thousands, of whom, are children. Many, of which, can be prevented.

To help reduce SCA in children and young adults, Martha and Andy created, Saving Young Hearts: an organization providing CPR/AED training and emergency action plans. Saving Young Hearts not only helps in the education of early detection, but their advocacy and placement of AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators) throughout Central Florida schools is helping save lives.

Thanks to a donation from a local couple, we were invited to spend a day with Martha and Andy at an elementary school in downtown Orlando. Where they installed an AED device, trained some of the faculty, and made a difference in the lives of each and every student, teacher, and parent.

Here’s what we experienced:

If you’d like to get involved, help donate, want more information on how early detection for SAC may be available in your area, or how to get an AED in your child’s school, visit – SavingYoungHearts.org –

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