Speech Therapy Project in Afghanistan – One of Pollination Project’s Latest Grantees


From: Pollination Project 

Wasima Shinwari an Afghan native studying Pre-Med at Russell Sage College in Troy, New York, is the founder of the Speech Therapy Project in Afghanistan, a project that will educate Afghan parents and their encompassing society on the medical facts, challenges, and remedies associated with childhood speech impediments.

As a pre-med student, Wasima has always been passionate about using her training to promote equal access to high quality medical and education services in Afghanistan, and with the help of American speech pathologist volunteers she is making her dream a reality.

Through the Speech Therapy Project, American speech pathologists will provide speech therapy training to medical students in Afghanistan via Skype. Once trained, medical students will visit different communities throughout the country searching for children with speech impediments, using their newly found skills to provide caretakers with education on speech disorders, as well as therapeutic techniques they can practice with their children at home.

Overall, Wasima hopes that her efforts will simultaneously equip a new generation of Afghan medical practitioners with treatment options for speech impediments while helping to combat stigmas associated with language disorders by educating parents and community members.

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