A Gift For Teaching Event Helps Teach The Meaning of Giving!

The kids in this Rosemont Elementary class may not have a lot.  But luckily…they have their teacher, Layne Hooper.

Just DO Something…Anything! put this story together as an “in-kind” sponsor for A Gift For Teaching’s Back to School Blast! 2015 fundraiser.

Last year, Alfonso Riberio hosted the event.  This time, it was Mario Lopez of Extra assuming the duties, where $160,000 was raised for the nearly 200,000 Central Florida kids in need.

Over 500 attended the event last week.  People Magazine was on hand, and so was Chris Kirkpatrick; Honorary AGFT Board member & founding member of N’Sync.  Click on the link below to see Chris talking about the event with Good Day! on Orlando’s Fox 35:



Chris Kirkpatrick with Fox 35’s Kiristin Delgado

AGFT is Central Florida’s primary provider of free school supplies to teachers.  It is their mission to ensure that every child has the tools and experiences to succeed in school and in life.  For every $1 given, A Gift For Teaching donates $10 worth of school supplies.  To learn more about AGFT and how you can help, click on the link below:


Homeless Read Mean Tweets About Homelessness

Please watch this powerful PSA: Reactions from the homeless as they read tweets about homelessness.

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