Purple Purse Campaign Raises Awareness for Domestic Financial Abuse

Just DO Something…Anything! to Empower Survivors

Opening a bank account in your own name. Paying down your own credit cards. Making a budget. Putting money in your child’s college savings account.

Many people take these kinds of tasks for granted, and may even dread them. But for survivors of domestic abuse, they can be a sign of freedom.

When most people think of domestic abuse, often they think of cases such as the recent Ray Rice elevator video, focusing on physical and verbal abuse that occurs in relationships. We wonder, both on social media and in private conversations, #WhySheStayed.  The answer often has much to do with money.

Financial abuse plays a major role in more than 98% of domestic violence cases, preventing survivors from leaving for fear of homelessness, or harm to their children or pets. It can include:

• Controlling how money is spent
• Withholding access to money, medication, food, or other basic resources
• Giving an ‘allowance’
• Not allowing their partner to work
• Running up credit card debt in their partner’s name
• Stealing their partner’s identity or property

This year, the Allstate Foundation and CrowdRise have teamed up for the Purple Purse Challenge, inviting 200 organizations from around the country to compete for a range of monetary grants, to be put toward funding financial education and empowerment initiatives for survivors.

Harbor House of Central Florida, the only state-certified domestic violence shelter in Orange County, is one such organization competing in the Purple Purse Challenge.

During the month of September, Harbor House has been working to raise money and build awareness about the importance of financial empowerment in healthy relationships. Thanks to the generous contributions of many donors and volunteers who decided to Just DO Something…Anything!  Harbor House has already raised more than $11,000 – and earned $5,500 in Bonus Challenge grant awards!

There are still two weeks and several more Bonus Challenges to go before the end of the Purple Purse campaign on October 3rd! Want to help Harbor House Just DO Something…Anything! for financial empowerment?

1. Donate to the campaign on CrowdRise – even $10 can go a long way! https://www.crowdrise.com/PurplePurse-HarborHouseCF

2. Attend the campaign wine tasting event tomorrow, September 19th, at Tim’s Wine in Oviedo.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1471985579735277/

3. Follow Harbor House’s Powerful Purple Purse all over Central Florida on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/PowerfulPurplePurse

4. Connect with Harbor House on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.




 5. Tune in to the campaign empowerment playlist on Spotify and share the music with your friends!  

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