JDSA Get’s ‘Dirty’ For March of Dimes


Team Muddy Vision Serves One Up!

Since 1992 thousands of volunteers across the country have been jumping into mud and stepping up to raise money for the March of Dimes Mudd Volleyball Challenge!  The extra ‘d” stands for dirty, by the way.


Our First Win!

This year, more than 160 teams and 2,500 folks from Orlando to Albuquerque got their hands, hair, ears, shirts and shoes muddy!  Each volunteering their time to help improve the health of babies everywhere by preventing birth defects, infant mortality and premature birth.  Nearly $200,000 is raised each year to fund research programs and raise awareness for educational programs.  All in an effort to save babies!

JDSA's team - Muddy Vision!


This is the third year we’ve participated in the event.  The first, however, as JDSA!  Team Muddy Vision, as we called ourselves, not only raised some money for March of Dimes, but we even managed to win a few games.  Two, to be precise.  Which is two more than we’ve won in all three years combined.  We had a little trouble against Mudtown Abbey and This Mudd’s For You!  But we did squeak past Serves You Right! and Splash Mob!

Every day, babies are born fighting for their lives, and every day March of Dimes helps them win!

Check out marchofdimes.com to find out how you can Just DO Something…Anything!


Just Splashing Something…Anything!

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