I Am Jamie

In 2012, Harbor House opened their doors to more than 10,000 domestic abuse survivors. Providing, at no cost to them, 24-hour crisis support, safety planning, emergency shelter, counseling, legal advocacy and child care.

Purple DoorIMG_1179

Their “Purple Door,” a door painted and lined with hundreds of signatures in silver sharpie, serves as a reminder to those of us outside the doors of Harbor House, to help those in need on the inside.

Last year, we created a video for their Purple Door Luncheon and called it, I Am Jamie.

“Jamie,” a victim of domestic violence, benefited from the various services of Harbor House, where staff and volunteers helped save Jamie’s life. But who exactly, is Jamie? Click on the video to find out.

This year you can continue helping Harbor House provide a pathway to safety and Justice. Friday October 11, is the 37th Annual Purple Door Luncheon. By contributing, you’ll be helping break that cycle of domestic abuse, which has impacted families for generations.

Consider partnering with them to save a life today and help them open doors to a better future tomorrow.

For sponsorship information, please contact

Shelley Rodgers, Development Officer | srodgers@harborhousefl.com | 407-886-2244 ext. 231

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