We Demand Gun Law Changes Now!




After a week of having the right to remain silent, the NRA decided to speak out about the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. They should have kept their mouths shut.

In a haunting speech to reporters, who were denied the opportunity to respond with questions, NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre, blamed violent video games and music for the tragedy. Calling for more guns on the street and armed guards in every school.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!” said, LaPierre. Apparently forgetting that deranged individuals in bullet-proofed vests, firing fully automatic assault rifles with clips holding hundreds of rounds, will most likely, trump the math teacher carrying a semi-automatic pistol in their back pocket.

If you’re concerned about this “Wild West” proposal, don’t be. The NRA promises it will train all these teachers, janitors, school counselors and volunteer workers on just how to properly use a firearm.

Feel better? Neither do I.

Even though a 1/3 of our schools already have armed guards, students in Paducah, Kentucky, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Red Lake, Minnesota, Nickle Mines, Pennsylvania, Chardon, Ohio and the campus of Virginia Tech were not immune. One failed attempt at a shoe bomb on an airplane and we all have to remove our shoes. Yet, after more than 100 of the students and teachers killed and dozens more injured in those shootings, not a single change in our gun laws.

“Guns Don’t Kill People.” slogans are unnecessary. The fact of the matter is, people with guns do. What is necessary, what is needed, is for our elected officials to wake up. Either continue listening to the NRA’s absurd proposals of letting the George Zimmerman’s of the world patrol the halls of our schools, or take a stand.

The NRA is wrong. We do need changes in our gun laws. Don’t think so? Consider these:

In Iowa, food vendors in some parts of the state need a business permit and food license. Gun owners need no such thing. Which makes it easier to buy a gun than to sell lemonade on your front porch.

Arizona, Vermont and Alaska do not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon. But if you want to cut hair, you need 1500 hours of instruction and a barber’s license.

Wayne LaPierre claimed sick individuals, will stop at nothing to commit violent acts of murder. Why, then, does he continue to deny a national database to weed out those individuals?

I don’t like guns. Never have. I’ve never had the urge to shoot at targets or live animals. But I’m a proponent of the 2nd amendment, nonetheless. Unlike the NRA, I’m a proponent who doesn’t feel the amendment is a blanket for fully automatic assault rifles for anyone who wants one. Nor am I in favor, as the NRA apparently is, of limited reaches for the ATF to enforce the gun laws currently in existence.

I’m also an advocate for free speech. We can say whatever we want. But I also believe we’re not immune from the consequences of what it is we say. Yell at your boss and see if you don’t get fired. Make a threat against the president and find out what happens next. There are limits to our freedoms. There has to be. Without them, we’d have a far more anarchic society than if we armed every man, woman, and school child’s teacher.

Why did the NRA take such a tough stance with foolish language and asinine statements of armed teachers and gun-toting school counselors? Is their once thick concrete wall now showing signs of cracks? Is DC’s most powerful lobby now feeling a bit vulnerable? I think so. The leadership of the NRA is so out-of-touch with its members they’re making responsible gun owners look bad. Since the massacre in Newtown, many gun rights advocates have been softening their stance on gun control. Which explains why LaPierre said all those ridiculous things. “From my cold, dead hands.” it seems, was already taken.

More than 150,000 signatures scrawled on a petition for changes in our gun laws have reached the White House. Americans want change. Cries for gun regulation have always been present, but with timid tonality spoken in hushed tone away from gun lobbyists; drowned  by both incognizant politicians and the sound of gunfire at rifle ranges everywhere…. But there are no ear protectors to deafen the voices now. There are simply too many voices and finally, they’re being heard in unison.


3 responses

  1. Hold the schools responsible for what they do to kids, how they create ppl so damaged, frustrated etc, they end up like these shooters. Systematically make someone crazy, or make existing craziness worse, and blame the weapon they use when they finally break? Nope, doesn’t work. I am not talking about bullying and ostracism from other kids, but those may be factors, I am talking about flat out educational torture of some kinds of kids. This is what we need to address, the missing link, along with media, parenting, video games etc, ect.

  2. FYI – your article has two mentions of “fully automatic rifles”. Automatic firearms are already illegal, have been for decades, and have not been used in any of the recent shootings.
    Why do I bring this up? If we focus on hardware that is already banned, we’re not going to solve anything.

  3. Randy,

    Thank you for your reply! You are absolutely correct. Fully automatic rifles are, in fact, illegal. We weren’t trying to imply otherwise. Our intention was to simply state the absurdity of those who not only believe everyone should be armed, but also the recent statements of some NRA officials who wish fully automatic weapons to be reinstated into the hands of responsible gun owners, and allowed to fall under the auspices of the 2nd amendment.

    We should have clarified that point better.

    Thank you, again, for taking the time to read, respond and care.

    Keep following! Keep commenting! It’s greatly appreciated.

    Social Discussion

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