About the American Dream and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As a Floridian in the last year, I have been subjected to a toxic dose of political chemicals set on deluge. The season of television, radio, print, text, billboards, phone calls, doorbells, mail, and e-mail advertisements laced with political propaganda relentlessly flooding the senses and sensibilities of the hapless registered potential voter have all mercifully, for now, come to an end.

The campaign storm fueled by millions of interest stained dollars and the urgency to secure political clout blew a path down America’s main street like a tornado, twisting facts and ‘untruths’.

The democratic process to provide representatives of the people for a government by the people has unfortunately evolved into a ‘war’ of politicians using political messages as weapons, battleground states as the arena, and voters as both the prize and the collateral damage.

What is the result of all this? A country divided?

The media, a facilitator, and a beneficiary of the process would like to highlight our differences. Perhaps in the next couple of weeks we will be witness to a new wave of messages where the unity of our people will be questioned. But I believe, we as Americans have an answer already.

Despite the passionate arguments between red and blue, and regardless of our race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, gender, tax bracket, or area of residence, we are all Americans. Differences of opinions not differences of citizenship. WE ALL care for our children, those having a rough time, and for those who serve to protect our freedoms. And like the doctor heals, the teacher teaches, and the contractor builds houses, we all contribute to the health and to the progress of our community.

Advances in technology allow for the rapid transfer of information, so much so, that the supply is outpacing the capacity of the receiver. This sets up a competition for our attention. The resulting distractions can make us lose focus on the things that really do matter, the things that we all care about as a whole. Our time is precious and I believe that when we fix our gaze on what is real, we are compelled to act. Most recent examples of this can be highlighted by America’s reaction to hurricane Sandy. When fellow citizens are found in need, our altruistic instincts as a people kicks in. Apathy can be no match to compassion when we are family to those who are suffering.

So, in the coming days, when the media is giving us the message that we are a divided nation, don’t believe the hype, know that we are all one nation, related and bonded by the American Dream and the pursuit of happiness.

2 responses

  1. I’m an average writer and a slightly better than average rewriter. But I’m a magnificent judge when it comes to recognizing brilliant storytelling. AND THIS ARTICLE IS THAT! I hung on every word & was inspired by every sentence. Well done, you! You had me at, “As…”

  2. Our focus even if all of us have different opinions should be OUR CHILDREN. Learning to respect eachother’s ideas with respect as human beings with one common good: OUR FUTURE CHILDREN OF THIS WONDERFUL NATION.

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