What Fox and Mitt Really Meant To Say…

Mitt Romney’s “47%” video taped comments is a telling reminder of just how disconnected, inept and bias this GOP nominee is. But Fox News’ defense of his fund-raising ramblings is most egregious. As everyone is now aware, a surreptitiously taped video of Mitt Romney speaking to a group of wealthy donors ($50,000 a plate, by the way) at a Boca Raton fundraiser was recently released. And much to the chagrin of the Romney campaign, his stupid remarks have continued to gain traction. So Fox News, also known as, the GOP mouthpiece or Romney HQ, was forced to go into overdrive to quash another Mitt blunder. Their first line of attack was classic third grade playground, recess antics. Finger pointing! “Mother Jones!” They shouted! “It was the left wing media that was responsible for releasing the video!” As if Romney’s insulting of half the country suddenly took a backseat because someone taped him without his knowledge. In a tireless barrage of attacks, Sean Hannity and the rest of the Conservative cast went on an endless tirade of “Romney Defense,” attacking Mother Jones and crying foul in every block of every segment of every show. Fox and Friends even going so far as to label Mother Jones as, “The magazine no one reads…” Apparently, discounting the fact Jones’s web site had nearly 2 million views in the first 12 hours of posting the Romney video. And a day later, the video had more than 5 million more hits on YouTube with nearly 350,000 Twitter posts related to “47%” or #47. In other words, Fox’s first line of defense went something like this…“Uh, yea…sure. Ok…Mitt said those things. We admit it. But you know what??? It only came out because of the left wing media.” When that didn’t go over so well Fox tried another approach. Lining up a long list of guests who chanted the mantra of, “You know…he just kind of said it wrong.” Even Mitt himself, in a hastily arranged evening press conference the day of the blunder said, “Well …it wasn’t most eloquent way of stating things…” David Alexrod, Obama’s senior advisor then Tweeted, “Q for Mitt: So how do you “elegantly state” that half of America sees themselves as “victims,” who refuse to take personal responsibility?” But Fox continued to stump for their candidate. “He was misunderstood.” “It was taken out of context.” “What he was really saying was…” they continued. Which, in turn, prompted Jon Stewart to clear it all up for us, helping us understand what Fox and their bumbling candidate was really trying to say after all. “You’re looking and hearing the cynical political condescending politicratic words he was saying…not the inspirational optimistic message…he…in retrospect…should have been meaning…it’s like, Romney Jazz! It’s the words you don’t hear…” Taken out of context? Ok, perhaps. That makes sense. But even when the 12-minute video was released in its entirety, Romney was still insulting. So Fox now needed a new line of defense. These “gotchas” are distractions, they clamored! “We can’t talk about real issues…” they screamed! “Because the media keeps talking about secret video conversations.” So what did they do next? You guessed it – Fox trotted out a video of Obama talking about redistribution of wealth. “This time, it’s President Obama who gets caught!” Fox’s Greta Van Susteren gleefully announced, as if she just discovered a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. “It’s President Obama’s turn to be haunted by something he said once upon a time.” said another Fox News anchor. Ok, so just to be clear…the Romney video is a distraction, but the Obama video clip is relevant? Why is that? Sean Hannity explains. “Mitt Romney was speaking to a group of donors waaaaaay back in May.” So when, exactly, did Obama make the redistributing video comments? That would be 1998. Regardless of who released the video it was Mitt Romney’s words that came out of it. It was undignified for a presidential candidate. He didn’t just come across as elitist and arrogant. He IS elitist and arrogant. As president of the United States you lead an entire country. Not the very few. Jon Stewart summed up the Republican and Fox News’ maxim this way. “If they have success, they built it. If they failed, the government ruined it for them. If they get a break they deserve it. If you get a break it’s a handout and an entitlement.” Thank you, Jon Stewart! Well done, you. Perhaps Fox News and Mitt Romney should start watching your show. Maybe then they’ll learn the proper way of stating something with eloquence.

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