ACT:S of Justice

One informed, engaged and motivated person can do incredible things to change the world. But what if two such people got together? Or three? Or ten? This month, ACT:S, the World Vision activism network, is calling on us to realise the power of numbers and tap into it to take a stand on issues that we are passionate about. ACT:IVATE is not just a campaign, it is a journey that will lead you on an exploration of  how faith is connected to justice, and how it can be activated. The journey ends not at a destination, but at activation – you will be equipped to take action on one of four major issues faced by the world’s poor  (AIDS caregiver kitsmalaria bed netsmicro loans for families, and anti-trafficking legislation). ACT:IVATE starts on the 24th September. James 2:15-17 challenges us to live an active faith, saying: 

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