Politics and Parables

I spent 8 days in Tampa listening to the RNC events, I spent half that time watching, from the comfort of my home, the DNC in Charlotte.  When both conventions were over, I was left with this:

One group claims to be the party of inclusion – the other, boasted a “you’re-on-your-own” style of leadership.  Maybe I understood their messages incorrectly.  Regardless, it seems most of America assumed the same.  Either way, it reminded me of a parable I recently heard:

A man was allowed to visit both heaven and hell.  First, he chose hell.  When he arrived he found a group of people sitting a table weighted down with an endless supply of food.  But the people seated were howling with hunger.  It seems they each had a spoon that was too long to fit into their mouths.  This was their torment.

Later, when the man visited heaven he saw another group of people, seated at the same type of table and with the same amount of food.  Each person had a similar spoon – the same length as those he saw in hell.  But each stomach was satisfied.  Satisfied because they were feeding each other.

So maybe it does take a village.  Maybe I am my Brothers keeper after all.  I understand those who feel they may have “built this” without any help…but what about those who need a little assistance to get started?  Are they to be held to a lesser standard?  And what of those who try and fall short?  Are we supposed to just leave them, or should we help them get up and try again?  And if we do that, and they become successful, did that just mean they didn’t build their business alone?  I’m confused…

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